3D Helps Groupe SEB Sell Complex Products in an eRetail Environment

About Groupe SEB

Groupe SEB (Société d’Emboutissage de Bourgogne) is a large French consortium that produces home appliances. They own more than 20 brands, among which the well-known Krups, Tefal, Moulinex, Rowenta.

SEB’s products are sold in a variety of stores including: Macy’s, JCPenny, Carrefour, Walmart, Tesco, Darty, Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon, T-Mall, and their own retail outlets: Home & Cook, Supor Lifestores and WMF. They sell more than 300 million products every year in more than 150-countries.

The Challenge

Increase Groupe SEB’s online market share and help sell complex products in an eRetail environment

Groupe SEB is willing to close the gap between their market shares online and offline by increasing its performance on eCommerce. But Groupe SEB’s products are complex and difficult to explain with simple product screenshots.

As online shoppers can’t touch/experience the product as they would in store, the challenge is to find ways to improve the shopper journey online and to help shoppers understand how the products work and what are their key benefits.

The Solution

3D models of their new strategic products

Groupe SEB sent 3D assets built by their design teams to Sketchfab, who then prepared them for visualization, optimizing them for a better performance on product pages.

Global distribution of 3D models

Once the 3D models were ready, Groupe SEB informed local teams about this new type of asset and convinced e-retailers to use the 3D models within their websites. 3D models have been embedded on brand websites and retailer websites (scroll down to see the 3D model)

The Sketchfab team supported Groupe SEB throughout the whole process, from inception to production to front-end implementation.

“Great support! Even a non-technical beginner like myself has been able to understand the process and to become quite autonomous”

Pauline Junne, EMEA eCategory Manager at Groupe SEB

The results

An increased level of product information online

“It helps closing the imagination gap. Shoppers can’t touch the product so we need to give them the most detailed info we can and 3D strongly contributes to that.”

Pauline Junne, EMEA eCategory Manager at Groupe SEB

Groupe SEB’s online shoppers can now engage in real-time 3D with a product on various websites. Potential buyers can interact with the 3D model, explore it from every angle, move it around, zoom in, and zoom out – providing an experience as close as possible to an in-store one.

An easy online showcase of complex products

3D models help shoppers to better understand key benefits of a complex product. 

Thanks to Sketchfab’s advanced rendering, shoppers can better see details of the product and its materials (metal, stainless and plastics) thus reducing any apprehensions about buying.

The interactive experience is taken even further with animations and annotations. Animations and annotations educate prospects in a playful way about how products work and their specific characteristics.

“It improves the shopper journey by making it more interactive and experiential.”

Pauline Junne, EMEA eCategory Manager

Are you selling products online and interested in 3D visualization? Don’t hesitate to reach out, our team of 3D experts is always happy to help you determine your needs!