MADE.COM | Case Study: 3D Viewer for eCommerce


Sketchfab 3D viewer helped MADE.COM:

Enrich their eCommerce experience: by offering the ability for customers to move the product around, zoom in and zoom out as they wish.

Increase their conversion rate: customers who engaged with a 3D model are 25% more likely to buy.

Showcase 3D models in their flagship showroom: MADE.COM have built a kiosk app for their flagship London showroom, which allows customers to view 3D models on a large touchscreen. This is particularly useful for items that aren’t physically available in the showroom.



MADE.COM is fast becoming the leading design brand for the digital generation across Europe. The digitally native brand works with a network of new and established designers alongside an innovative in house team to make high end design style accessible to everyone.

Different by design. Great Design is for everyone.

Ning Li first came up with the idea of MADE.COM when trying to kit out his own apartment in Paris, France. Frustrated by the lack of inexpensive good quality furniture, he felt there had to be an alternative. United by their appreciation of good design, the team set about re-defining the process. The concept was to simplify things, work directly with the makers and bring high-end lifestyle design to everyone, everywhere at a fair price.

The challenge

Improve MADE.COM’s ecommerce experience

The team at MADE.COM wanted to give customers the ability to look at a photo-realistic 3D model in the browser, so visitors can see products from every angle, thus removing barriers to buying expensive items without seeing them in person.

Why Sketchfab

After evaluating the online 3D market, MADE.COM chose Sketchfab for the following reasons:

  • Rendering quality
  • Sketchfab’s community size
  • Ease of use
  • Built in model-embedding tools
  • Flexible viewer options including autoplay, preloading, and autospin
  • The ability to make changes via Sketchfab’s Data and Viewer APIs

Development process

3D assets creation

The MADE.COM team had very few 3D assets when they embarked on the project, so they hired an external agency to create them.  It was an iterative process of working out how to balance their various needs for 3D. They came to the conclusion that they wanted to focus on photo-realism ahead of perfection in the shape of models, to get a good balance between model file size, picture quality and loading time.

They ended up with a 3D file format that would work for Sketchfab and their other AR/VR needs.  

Throughout the process, Sketchfab helped answer MADE.COM’s questions and made suggestions on how best to optimise their models for performance.

The results

A massive success

“Customers who viewed a 3D model are 25% more likely to buy.”

—Alex Hamilton, Senior Ecommerce Product Manager at MADE.COM

  • Customers who viewed a 3D model are 25% more likely to buy
  • The project has been a huge success. In January 2019 alone, the site had 75,000 unique interactions (by 60,000 unique users) with the ‘360 (3D) view’
  • 3D models are currently used on each product page – for a 360-degree view – as well as on a kiosk app built for the large touch screens in their London showroom
  • 3D models will also soon be used for various other purposes, e.g. Augmented Reality in their app

The next steps for MADE.COM and Sketchfab

MADE.COM currently has around 1,000 products available to view in 3D through Sketchfab, and aims to have their entire catalogue available by the end of 2019. They are also investigating making more use of Sketchfab APIs to better automate the process and add more functionality