Deckers Brands Creates Interactive eCommerce Experiences With Sketchfab

Deckers Brands is one of the top footwear conglomerates with a portfolio of lifestyle, fashion, outdoor, and athletic companies that includes UGG, Hoka, Teva, Sanuk, and Koolaburra. Deckers recently reached $2 billion in revenue and their products are sold in more than 50 countries and territories.

Introducing Sketchfab’s 3D visualization at Deckers

Deckers has been utilizing 3D to visualize design concepts for the past few years. Prior to utilizing Sketchfab, however, they often resorted to presenting their design concepts to both internal and external teams as 2D renders.

Things changed last year when they started to use Sketchfab’s 3D viewer to easily organize and share their 3D content within their organization. The Sketchfab 3D viewer allows them to replace some physical samples with digital ones for design reviews and sales meetings, reducing their costs while at the same time minimizing their impact on the environment.

“People were blown away the first time we presented our new designs using Sketchfab, especially when switching to augmented reality at the simple push of a button.

—Mitch Harvey, 3D innovation Manager

They also wanted to leverage 3D for eCommerce purposes. The first pilot on one of their websites was for the launch of the Carbon X shoe by their brand, Hoka. 

An inventive launch for the new Carbon X shoe

The Carbon X, launched in 2018, is a high-performance shoe that features a carbon fiber plate to help propel the wearer forward. It features a light and resilient foam and has a wide base for a stable and responsive ride. 


  • Successfully announce the launch of the new Carbon X shoe on Hoka’s eCommerce website using media more immersive than simple images or videos.
  • Create strong customer engagement by allowing shoppers to interact with the new product from any angle.
  • Give a close-up look at the design of the Carbon X shoe and the plate hidden inside its sole in order to familiarize customers with the product and its innovative technology.


  • Create a photo-realistic 3D model of the Carbon X shoe that looks virtually identical to the original object.
  • Upload the model on Hoka’s Sketchfab account and embed the 3D model on Hoka’s website by simply copying and pasting the embed code onto the Carbon X product page


  • Visitors were able to interact with the new Carbon X shoe in 3D, zooming in and out directly from Hoka’s website, from any device and internet browser.

After this first successful experience, Deckers decided to leverage 3D visualization for another brand: Deckers Lab.

“What has continued to take our partnership to the next level is the responsiveness of the entire Sketchfab team to respond to our every need

—Mitch Harvey, 3D innovation Manager

An interactive shopping experience for Deckers Lab’s customers

Deckers recently launched a new label named Deckers Lab. The innovative brand seeks to offer best-in-class dynamic comfort shoes while also minimizing its environmental footprint. With a strong innovative identity, Deckers Lab was the obvious choice for Deckers’ second Sketchfab pilot.


  • Leverage industry-leading technologies to offer the best possible eCommerce experience for their customers
  • Allow shoppers to explore every Deckers Lab product in 3D directly from their eCommerce website.


  • Deckers Lab created 3D digital replicas of their products, uploaded them on their Sketchfab’s account and embedded them on their Deckers Lab product pages.
  • Deckers Lab now presents its products in interactive 3D, alongside traditional 2D photographs.


  • Shoppers can interact with the Deckers Lab products in 3D directly from the product pages. They can choose what parts of the products they would like to take a closer look at and zoom to details.
  • The 3D models have given customers the freedom to move around the products and develop a greater appreciation for the finer details of the products before they decide to purchase them.

April 6, 2020