Elite HTS Increased its Sales Conversion Rate by 20% with a 3D Configurator

Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) is a Canadian custom manufacturer of ultra-luxury home theater seating. Elite HTS works primarily with, registered home theater dealers, architects, luxury home builders and interior designers. Elites full-service customization allows Elite to add options such as motion actuators, adjustable headrests, piping, storage arms, custom embroidery, and custom radiuses to name a few.   


Elite HTS previous 2D configurator utilized Flash technology to present potential combinations / customization of its seating. Users could visualize the chairs with various arm styles, backrest styles, and colors, however, the chairs could not be rotated and viewed from different angles.


Elite HTS wanted to:

  • Enhance the visualization experience to allow potential customers to interact with their final product in 3D
  • Increase customers’ comfort level by simplifying the product design process. 
  • Increase conversion and sales.

“When a potential client can visualize a product, they are much more likely to finalize a purchase.

—Bobby Bala,CEO, Elite Home Theater Seating

Solution: Elite HTS’s 3D Configurator

Creation process

Optimize the 3D models.

Elite already had 3D models of its products; however, they were created many years ago and not designed for online use. The first step was to optimize those models for the 3D configurator.

Choose Sketchfab.

Elite HTS chose Sketchfab’s 3D viewer for the following reasons:

“(Sketchfab’s) pricing is also reasonable considering the increased inquiries and sales we’ve received

—Bobby Bala,CEO, Elite Home Theater Seating

Build the configurator:

Our partner Tapmod.studio built the 3D configurator using Sketchfab’s 3D Viewer API and Elite’s 3D models. You can try it here.


elite home 3d configurator - sketchfab

Elite HTS has seen positive results from their new 3D configurator in several areas:

  • Consumers: The 3D configurator has tremendously improved the client experience by allowing clients to create their own seats in 3D using a palette of different materials, colors, and textures, and interact with the customized seats in 3D. The 3D configurator provides hundreds of different combinations and remains clean and easy to use. 
  • Brand image: Elite differentiates itself from its competitors: it is the only vendor in its industry to have a 3D configurator.
  • Sales: The 3D configurator has increased sales conversion by 20%.

“The early signs indicate that the new configurator is improving inquiries and sales conversion by at least 20% and possibly more.”

—Bobby Bala,CEO, Elite Home Theater Seating

  • Dealers: The 3D configurator allows dealers to showcase Elite’s complete product range from one place. This functionality is especially useful when dealers meet with clients to build and review the design details in real-time.
  • Tradeshow: Elite launched the 3D configurator at the 2019 CEDIA tradeshow with much success. 

August 10, 2020