POM Increases Conversion Rate by 340% with a 3D Configurator

Pepper spray manufacturer, POM, increased its conversion rate by 340% on its Shopify website with a 3D configurator powered by Sketchfab

POM is a U.S aerosol company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, filling, and distribution of an innovative personal defense spray. POM’s pepper spray comes in 3 different models: POM key, clip, and snap. 

POM key, clip and snap

POM Key, Clip and Snap

Each model is available in 3 different colors: black, grey or white, with 8 different band colors.

POM white
POM Grey
POM Black

The challenge

POM’s pepper spray comes in 72 different varieties (3 models, 3 colors, 8 band colors).  

POM different configurations

Scrolling through 72 different images is very confusing for shoppers: 

  • they don’t discern the difference between each model
  • they don’t understand they can shop different versions of the same unit

The solution

  • POM embedded a 3D configurator on its Shopify website where you can easily select a model, choose a background color and customize the band color. All in one place! 


The process to build POM’s 3D Configurator was pretty straightforward.

3D Models - Optimization
Sketchfab optimized POM’s existing 3D models for the web (textures and coloration)
3D Configurator - Development
Front - end development of the 3D Configurator leveraging Sketchfab’s Viewer API
3D Configurator - Implementation
Implementation of the 3D Configurator on POM’s Shopify website


Enhanced eCommerce experience thanks to the Sketchfab’s 3D configurator: 


POM’s 3D Configurator on its eCommerce website

  • You can now custom build your own POM pepper spray and interact with it in 3D: choose a model type and its color, observe the model from all angles, zoom in and out to details
  • It is now easier to understand the differences between each model and their potential combinations
  • People are buying multiple configured products vs single color/product before the 3D configurator.

+ 340%

Conversion Rate

+ 48%

Order Size

+ 189%

Added to Cart Value

  • Conversion rate increase: 340% ⇒ from 0.82% before to 3.65% after the 3D Configurator 
  • Order size increase: +48%  from $18.09 before to $26.72 after the 3D Configurator
  • Added to cart value increase: +189%