3D Virtual Trade Show: VIMBright Attracted 90k Visitors While Saving 50% of its Costs

About VIMBright

VIMBright is a leading digital transformation agency in Latin America that creates immersive experiences and provides marketing services for major stakeholders in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, event specialists have had to cancel all in-person events, leaving them to find alternative solutions to reach their clients.

→ Pull Creativo hired Vimbright to transform their annual Expodeco event—the largest design and architecture fair—into a digital event.

→ VIMBright wanted to create a realistic, immersive, and engaging way to showcase the products and services of Expodeco’s exhibitors.


Vimbright leveraged 3D to re-create more than 75 booths virtually.

Then they developed an advanced digital experience and leveraged Sketchfab’s 3D viewer to showcase these 3D booths into the virtual show.

Creation Process

  • Step 1: Design and creation of the booths in 3D by architects.
  • Step 2: Optimization of each file, including file size and 3D geometry by Vimbright.
  • Step 3: Upload of the models to PullCreativo’s Sketchfab account.
  • Step 4: Integration of an advanced data analytics tracker to capture data from the visitor walkthrough.
  • Step 5: Vimbright embedded the Sketchfab’s hosted models in Expodeco’s virtual event.

The overall creation of the Expodeco project took 3 months. Now, having gained that experience and established workflow optimizations, VIMBright can fast-track the creation process, reducing it to just one month.


  • Global outreach: The event was a major success; Expodeco attracted more than 90,000 visitors from all around the world, and became the largest design and architectural virtual fair in Latin America.
  • Cost savings: On average, putting on a virtual trade show was 50% less expensive than putting on a traditional in-person trade show.
  • Engagement and immersiveness: The 3D booths allowed visitors to be fully immersed in the universe of the exhibitors, and to observe their products from all angles.

“Clients and exhibitors were very impressed with the photorealistic user experience when displaying their products.

—Raul Rivera, CEO and Founder of VIMbright

  • Interactive 3D tour: The 3D annotations provide additional information on specific products. They effectively create an immersive guided tour and some serve as a funnel, directly linking to the exhibitor’s eCommerce website.