Kara Thomas Art 3D Models


Scans of art by Kara Thomas. Her show, Dimensions, opens at CultureVerse Gallery Friday, October 14th and runs through November 2022. Learn more about the project here cultureverse.org/project/kara-thomas

Kara has been working with clay for the past 14 years, uniquely weaving technology into the process to incorporate her illustrations and execute her visions. This show is the product of the last five years of her work.

“My show implies multiple Dimensions. Not only is it about my process working with 2D shapes and 3D forms, it goes beyond that: into the mind and into the metaphysical. Coinciding with my art process and spiritual beliefs is the technology used by CultureVerse. Through this collaboration my art is expressed in a way that can only exist in a digital dimension.”

See more of Kara's work at karamariethomas.com