Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia - A 3D model collection by sistemamuseilivorno (@sistemamuseilivorno) - Sketchfab
Livorno, Tuscany - Italy

Established in 2003 to promote the rich and varied natural and cultural heritage of the territory

Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia 3D Models


Stretching over 80 hectares between the slopes of the promontory of Piombino and the Gulf of Baratti, it is presented as a real open-air museum, glittering with ferrous slag which show the impressiveness of the industrial Etruscan village. The Park includes a significant part of the ancient town of Populonia, a unique Etruscan settlement built directly on the sea, with its necropolises, the calcarenite quarries and the industrial working quarters for iron coming from the hematite deposits on the Island of Elba.