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Biological Specimens 3D Models


This collection is part of a collaboration with the Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections in theUSF Libraries and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI). These FWRI manages and maintains research and reference collections of preserved biological specimens and associated ecological databases. Through this partnership, we are working to create interactive 3D models, including annotations and accessibility using Virtual and Augmented Reality tools. These models will allow for broader research and sharing potentials. These collections represent a more than 50-year record of biodiversity in the complex marine and estuarine environments covering the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean waters off Florida's east coast and the Caribbean Sea. include more than 741,000 cataloged, preserved invertebrates as well as adult and larval fish. For more information and access to the collection portal, see: myfwc.com/research/s...