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Chalcatzingo in 3D 3D Models


Chalcatzingo, Morelos, Mexico Middle Formative Period. The site contains one of the most extensive collections of Middle Formative period (c. 900-500 BC) bas-relief stone sculpture outside of the Olmec Gulf Coast lowlands.

Project collaborative- from University of South Florida, Project Principal Investigators are Drs. Travis Doering and Lori Collins with Lead 3D Specialist Jorge Gonzalez, who has produced the models and renders for the collection viewed here. From Mexico's INAH Arqueólogo, Mario Córdova Tello, Director del Proyecto Arqueológico Chalcatzingo, and with Arqueóloga Carolina Meza Rodríguez, Responsable Operativo de la Z. A. Chalcatzingo.

Site documentation performed with terrestrial LiDAR systems, centimeter grade GPS, photogrammetry, and structured light laser scanning. The Chalcatzingo 3D Project is on-going and includes museum exhibitions and documentation, preservation and conservation research.